Who We Are

Our team have a shared passion to improve the processes and machinery to create and manage successful digital products. Built upon decades of experience in large scale Federal government, private initiatives, and former startups, the knowledge driving our passion is deep. Our expertise spans business strategy, marketing, business process management, software architecture, software engineering, and lean design and Scaled Agile.

In a prior venture, our vision was to build an intelligent digital work place and business process execution platform able to observe and learn the behaviour of it's people, processes, and information. It would then guide and assist staff, automate process improvement and information delivery; capturing and retaining vast organisational knowledge. Whilst we received a global innovation award from SAP, it was a complex platform that solved too many problems for too many people. It was expensive and difficult to take to market...so we pivotted.

In 2017 we re-forged our passion and expertise in intelligent organisations, AI powered business processes and hyper-collaboration into a new vision to improve end-to-end digital product management.

Our vision is that creating and operating digital products should be simpler and more accessible to a more people - especially the non technical. It shouldn't be something restricted to consultants and IT staff. Our vision is that a holistic methodology, implemented via an intuitive, collaborative, process guided digital product management platform will achieve this. Our end goal is that more organisations, big and small, can create more competitive, and thus more successful digital products.

Creating a digital product requires significant time and resources to work together. Whilst ideation and prototypes can be done quickly, turning a prototype into a successful, competitive product is much harder.

Diverse skills from business planning, marketing, user centred design, software architecture, programming, and product support are needed... making these work as a single, efficient operation is hard. Read more about this problem on our method page.

Our vision is what drives the Prodigise method and underpins our services.

The Prodigise method has been digitised into the Prodiggi platform and toolset. The toolset contains specific tools to solve specific product management challenges. The Prodiggi platform integrates the tools, and contains all the processes for a 'Digital Product Highway".

Prodiggi is what will make digital product management easier, cheaper, higher quality, more data driven and more transparent.