Coming in 2020/21

To improve product management as a whole, the Prodigise platform includes a number of discipline specific tools designed with the big picture mind. A minimum of five disciplines is needed to deliver quality products, and, each discipline needs their own set tools to perform their tasks (processes) and manage their data.

Throughout 2020/21 we are bringing a range of standalone, small business and enterprise products to market.

Standalone Tools

Our individual products simplify specific tasks and can be bought separately. They support only a small part of end to end product management. The Prodigise platform is the solution that accelerates product management maturity. It manages the end to end processes, data, activities, and helps guide new and experience people through the entire processes. These guided processes are called 'Highways'.

Ideation & Product Strategy

For Product Managers and Digital Strategists.

This product supports ideation, voting, and helps define problem, vision, goals, a business roadmap and business model. It also helps define market and size markets, including customer types.

Competitor Monitoring

For Product Managers and Digital & Marketing Strategists.

Keeping track of your competitors products and features is a critical, continuous research task that helps keep you ahead of the game. The competitive landscape can be complex: our competitor managed service combined with this product will keep you ahead of the game.

Digital Journey & Roadmap Management

Visually plan and track the customer journey & roadmap.

Around the world, teams manually create journeys using large whiteboards, Post-It Notes, or modelling tools. Various teams then work to improve this journey and build roadmaps around it. Tracking and reporting progress is valuable, yet manually intensive so often not done. A live, real time digital journey map integrated to design and delivery systems is needed - which is what this product does.

Prodiggi Platform

Currently two highways exist. In the future we will add more highways for pure-breed SAAS companies, governments (citizen facing), and internally facing products (no revenue): contact us to accelerate these.

POC Highway

The POC Highway takes you through all the steps to define a POC and validate. This includes lighweight product strategy, user value creation, mockups, validation, and problem refinement. POC development may use mockups, or a throw away, rushed software POC.

MVP Highway

The MVP Highway expands on the POC highway to include software design, software delivery, as well as go to market (GTM) planning, messaging, and collateral.