Our Services

Our services help establish or improve your digital product management capability.
We provide diagnostics, strategy development, customer centric methods, agile coaching, and specialised outsourcing.

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Diagnostics, Strategy & Vision

Assess current state then set new directions.

Establishing or improving a product management capability requires understanding existing vision, behaviours, business processes, and technology. Services include:

  • Diagnostics for product management capability, agile delivery, and digital tooling
  • New paradigms such as customer centricty, digital value pipelines, and scaled agile
  • New directions using business roadmaps, customer journeys and more
  • Baselining your enterprise architecture for product centric/digital transformation

Capabilities & Value Streams

We help build product capabilities and new work methods.

Our Prodigise method addresses both business and technical aspects of digital product management. Built around a holistic value stream, it supports an ongoing, commercial product lifecycle with ongoing iterative improvements. Examples of capabilities we improve include:

  • Product Management gives coaching across the five areas of product management
  • Value Streams establish measurable, data driven, transparent processes
  • Improved prioritisation of customer, competitive, or regulatory needs
  • Improve tooling & tooling integration between Atlassian, Azure, UX etc
  • SAFe Coaching implements best practices to build an agile organisation
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Customer Centric, Digital Architecture

Customer driven transformation, design & architecture

This service helps establish customer centric, well planned, well architected design. As complexity increases, good design cannot be ignored without creating design debt. Our method marries the value stream and roadmap with lean design practices (UX, TOGAF, SAFe, BPM & SOA, cloud etc). Our 'Inverted Pyramid of Value' helps focus on high value technology initiatives.

  • Reduce architectural debt setting you up for scalable, customer centric growth
  • Prioritise new initiatives around customer experience or competitive pressure
  • Digitise & orchesrtate business processes for seamless multi channel experiences
  • Integrate and manage data using cloud, data lakes, ESBs, SOA, and APIs

Prototypes, MVPs, Delivery

Hands on help with technology delivery, platforms & tools

We've been hands on since 2013 helping large, medium, and small companies with technology projects. With a deep understanding of projects, development, tools (manage, design, build, automate) and cloud platforms (AWS and Azure), our specialists will help deliver.

  • Fast track customer driven POCs/MVP transparently using Prodiggi
  • Augment projects with our delivery management and technical staff
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Managed Services

Outsource the expensive, complex, or mundane.

Activities such as monitoring competitors, skilling up a PMO in Atlassian tools, or running support desk require significant investment. Our managed services aim to reduce this cost whilst improving quality: they are based on the Prodigise method.